Frequently Asked Questions

Look at the detail included in the proposal. Has the builder really looked in depth at the project? Are all aspects of the work included? Can you clearly see how the builder has come to that price? Generally speaking there is a real median price for any job, which you could expect variation of about 10% up or down from. Outside of that there is usually an issue with someone not understanding what is involved, or overpricing because they are busy, or under pricing because they are quiet. If in doubt, especially on larger projects you can pay a small fee to have an independent estimating service provide costings for you. Which I am more than happy to arrange if requested.

I spent 2 years working with quantity surveyors, estimators, trades people and my clients creating a pricing matrix which has costs associated with pretty much every task we perform. I can then use this like a menu, identifying exactly what is needed to complete your project and providing you with the right price for us to deliver it.

We do not take large up front payments. Instead we stage payments through the job and set this up in such a way that you are always ahead, meaning we have carried out more work and/or provided more materials than the total amount you have paid for. We also have a great accounting software package which tracks all expenses and payments made against your job, so we can provide an up to date financial snap shot at any time.

I personally oversee and project manage all of our jobs. This starts from the initial design stage right through to completion. I am the main if not only point of contact you need once we have been instructed. Supporting me in this I have some great tradespeople, one of whom might be appointed as the on-site manager if your project requires this. And then there is Amy at the desk who organises the diary and oversees the financial transactions. We put a lot of emphasis on forward planning, and are as detailed as possible when it comes to the organising and running of our projects to ensure they go as smoothly as possible.